Wholesale Cedar Products – Lumber, Siding, Hip and Ridge Caps, Shakes and Shingles

Wholesale Cedar Products – Product Line, Location, Shipping and How to Order

We have a wide variety of wholesale cedar products We been operating since 1979 and are a family owned business. When you order from us you can be sure to receive high quality cedar wood and products. You can also expect great service. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Our products include:

Wholesale Cedar Products – Lumber, Siding, Hip and Ridge Caps, Shakes and Shingles

We believe that helping developers turn their vision into reality starts with quality cedar products. Our long tradition of working with stocking wholesalers, large multi-branch retailers and distribution centers has been crucial to our success. We are proud to manufacture cedar products not only for BC and across Canada, but to Europe, Australia, and Asia. Our products go through a rigorous quality check before we make them available for sale. You can cunt on us to deliver quality, every time. Check out our wholesale cedar products. Our prices can’t be beat.

Cedar Lumber

Our western red cedar lumber products are customized in a number of grades and designs to meet your specific needs. From grades that are aimed at more “serviceability” to those designed to improve the curb appeal of a property. You can count on us to accommodate your specific requirements. We will deliver on every detail.

Cedar Siding

Western red cedar siding exceptionally attractive, sustainable and durable. Our cedar siding products include bevel siding, channel siding, and tongue-and-groove siding. Bevel siding is a more common siding type. We produce it by re-sawing our cedar lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other. This gives it a unique appearance on both sides. Channel siding is a more versatile siding type. It can be installed in a variety of fashions. Tongue-and-Groove siding (T &G) is an appealing choice for its visually pleasing looks and versatility. Its different installation patterns. Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. This gives it a distinct, customized look.

Cedar Hip and Ridge Caps

Hips and ridges usually yield under pressure from severe weather. We design the caps to contain multiple layers of shingles. This helps to provide enhanced protection and sustainability. The finish is also quite appealing. 

Cedar Shakes and Shingles

Our western red cedar shakes are hand-split and re-sawn with a split face and sawn back. This gives one side a naturally rustic appearance while the other side is smooth. This is a perfect blend of simplicity, charm, and class. Our cedar shingles are precision-cut and designed with a uniform smooth sawn finish. This adds appeal and creates stunning roofing and siding.

Surrey Cedar Wholesale Location – We Can Ship to Just About Anywhere in the World

We are strategically located in Canada’s beautiful Fraser Valley. We are in the heart of “Western Red Cedar County”. Close by is Canada’s busiest seaport. This gives us direct access to the Asia-Pacific corridor. Our cedar production and distribution facility ensures our products can be easily accessed across the globe. Our shipping services are cut across a range of logistics channels including Flatbed Truck, container van and rail. For more information about our wholesale cedar products and distribution services, contact us at your convenience.

Contact Us for More Information About Our Wholesale Cedar Products

For more information about us, our wholesale cedar products or to get an estimate give us a shout. You can send us an email or fill out our contact form. You can also give us a call at  1.888.534.9936. If you are nearby you can also visit us in person. We look forward to speaking with you soon.