Our Story

A Trusted Name Since 1979
Surrey Cedar is a family-owned business that has been remanufacturing finished cedar products in Western Canada since 1979. Since then, some of our product lines and target markets have changed, but our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has remained constant.

Currently, our production facilities are located in Langley, British Columbia. Our products are sold all over the world through retail (lumber yards) and wholesale channels, and can be seen throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Why Choose Us

There’s a reason we’re the best in value.

We’ve been around a long time...and our customers keep coming back! We’ve been serving our customers for nearly 40 years and will be here for the next 40. Why? Because our reputation is our most powerful asset, and we don't take it for granted! We’re truly thankful for our loyal client base, which is why we value your feedback. We want to hear from you and continually improve. After all, we want you to be proud you bought your cedar from Surrey Cedar. It's this approach that has made word-of-mouth our strongest advertiser since our humble beginnings in 1979.

At Surrey Cedar, we do not believe that a premium product has to have a premium price. Why? Because in-house production facilities combined with strong supplier relations results in lower production costs and, correspondingly, lower prices for our customers. “Best Value” is our tried-and-true business model: the best quality at the best possible price.

When you come to Surrey Cedar, you are buying mill direct - from the source. As such, you will find variety and selection not found at a wholesaler or retailer. Our goal is to be the sole source for ALL your cedar needs. We can also do custom production runs for large orders. Anything cedar we can produce!

Surrey Cedar’s quality is unmatched. We always start with top grade western red cedar. And by producing most of our products in-house, we can ensure tight quality control – resulting in products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We will not compromise on quality. What we call “Premium #1 Grade” is the best in the industry. Our “#2 Grade” is actually the standard for what most of our competitors call “Premium #1".

100% customer satisfaction is not our goal – it’s our lowest standard. We aim to exceed your expectations every time.

Benefits of Cedar

Planning to build your home? All aspects considered—aesthetics, function, durability, practicality and more, Western Red Cedar is definitely the best choice.

Cedar trees are large coniferous trees commonly grown in the Pacific Northwest in North America. They can be found in forests with plenty rainfall and moist soil. Over time, these trees, which can grow up to a hundred feet high, have evolved into sturdy trees with self-protective qualities.

So what makes cedar wood the perfect home building material? Here are the top benefits:

Western Red Cedar enhances the value and appeal of your home in more ways than one.

Its rich tone and grained texture provide unmistakable sophistication to the interiors. Its warmth and coziness contribute to the home’s lovely atmosphere. It does wonders in emboldening even the simplest and most basic of home decor and accessories. Moreover, it inspires innovative and cutting-edge interior design and architecture.

Cedar wood’s natural beauty doesn’t fade or tarnish even when it is painted or stained. The beautiful grained texture is still there to provide visual appeal to any furniture, accessory or interior design.

Another great thing about Western Red Cedar is its remarkable durability. Most types of wood would warp or shrink when exposed to moisture. This is not a problem with cedar. As cedar trees are used to moist environments, cedar wood stays in its original shape and size no matter what the weather or humidity conditions are.
Apart from withstanding moisture, cedar is also known to resist rot and repel insects including termites. It has a distinctive scent that drives insects and fungi away. All these are good enough reasons to make use of cedar wood for building your home. It’s bound to last a very long time, making it a valuable investment.

Since Western Red Cedar is free of resin and pitch, it can hold various types of finishes—bleaches, dark stains, solid colors and even semi-transparent finishes, and still look absolutely stunning.

This type of wood can also be made into different lumbar dimensions and surface textures. It can be used as a siding, fencing, and decking. It can build gazebos, doors, blinds, sheds, shutters and more. It doesn’t matter what your home building needs are, cedar can be your go-to solution each time.

As if these are not enough, cedar is also a light and porous wood, which makes it an effective insulator as well as a noise absorber. It’s for these qualities that home owners love using cedar wood as fencing and siding. And because it’s weather-resistant and less prone to warping and shrinkage, it’s perfect to use for outdoor projects.

Western Red Cedar is also an eco-friendly choice. According to studies, natural wood has less negative impact on the environment than synthetic products. The production of synthetic building materials emits greenhouse gases. Cedar trees, on the other hand, absorbs carbon emissions from the atmosphere.
It is also a renewable and biodegradable resource that comes from sustainably managed forests in British Columbia. Due to its low density and high porosity, it is an efficient thermal insulator that can help minimize heating costs during the winter season.
Cedar wood has countless benefits that you would want to take advantage of. It may be a little bit more costly than other types of woods, but its various advantages make it a practical and worthy investment.


Thank you very much for the project. It looks very beautiful. I apologize to rush you to do the work. I am very amazed you arranged everything in such short period.

Fantastic service, very knowledgable staff. In and out quickly. Thanks!

Great guys, super helpful and their cedar is second to none!

These guys are great to deal with! I pulled in and they met me at my car and helped load my trailer. A+ service and good products.

Great selection, good pricing, knowledgable staff! Will buy here again!

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