Cedar Fence Panels - Durable, Private, Secure Cedar Lumber Fencing

Cedar Fence Panels - Durable, Private and Secure Fencing with Western Red Cedar Lumber

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Cedar fence panels are ideal for building a natural-looking fence. Western Red Cedar lumber is one of the best building materials you can choose for your fencing needs. It is the highest quality cedar, which is the most resistant wood to avoid twisting and bending. Usually, wood fences are assembled with T&G (tongue and groove) so that each panel fits seamlessly together. Cedar fences are typically installed in outdoor areas like yards and entertainment areas where you want some privacy. Western Red Cedar lumber is a good choice for many reasons.

At Surrey Cedar, we offer a full range of options on western red cedar fencing. Over many years of dedicated excellence, we are proud to be BC and the Lower Mainland’s number one source for cedar panels and cedar fencing.

Why a Cedar Fence? Privacy, Security, Boundary Identification, Noise Reduction, Pet Safety

There are so many building materials available for fencing and many reasons why red cedar wood is a leading contender. Some of the main selling points of our cedar wood panels are top-notch quality and durability.

Here are some more reasons why you may want to choose cedar for your building material:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Aesthetic Value
  • Boundary Identification
  • Noise Reduction
  • Pet Safety
  • Swimming Pool Atmosphere, and more!

Prefabricated Cedar Fence Panels

#1 6x8 Solid Cedar Fence Panel
Solid Panel
#1 6x8 Square Lattice Cedar Fence Panel
Square Lattice
#1 6x8 Diagonal Lattice Cedar Fence Panel
Diagonal Lattice
Venetian Cedar Fence Panel

Grades of Fence Panels Available

Premium Grade:

  • Sturdy WRC 2×4 frame
  • 1×6 T&G
  • 2×6 PT kick board
  • Tight knot
  • Screwed frame
  • Stainless steel fasteners

Builders Grade:

  • Sturdy WRC 2×4 frame
  • 1×6 T&G
  • 2×6 PT kick board
  • #2 and better BTR
  • Nailed frame

Value Grade:

  • Light weight 2×3 frame
  • 1×6 PT kick board
  • Tight knot
  • Nailed frame

Custom Build Fence Panels

If our prefabricated fence panels don’t meet your cedar fencing needs, we are happy to supply you with the lumber to create you own custom fence panels. We offer a wide selection of premium cedar lumber for any panel or fencing project and can assist in suggestions of what piece you may need to create your vision of a fence. This access to raw materials allows you to have your own vision of what type of cedar fence you want.

Some examples:

Custom Cedar Fence Panel - Rugged Overlap
"Rugged" Overlap

Strong stylish and sturdy

Custom Cedar Fence Panel - Horizontal Straight Line
Horizontal "Straight Line"

Modern look, and easy to install

Custom Cedar Fence Panel - Friendly Neighbour
Friendly Neighbour

Suitable for good neighbours, with a classic design

Western Red Cedar Fences for Privacy – Enjoy Your Yard to the Fullest

Homes are built closer to each other now than ever before. Nowadays, the only thing that separates you from your neighbour is your fence. Have the privacy you rightfully deserve with the right type of fence.

Whether you’re relaxing, working out, gardening or entertaining guests in your outdoor area, you don’t have to worry about prying eyes. When your property is properly enclosed with Western Red Cedar fence panels, you can enjoy your yard in peace. Further, red cedar fences add security to your home.

Western Red Cedar Wood Fences for Security

Have peace of mind knowing that you’re safe in your home. Red Cedar fences ensure security, serving as a barrier against burglars and intruders. And it makes it easier to monitor children while they play in the yard. Pets are also kept safe from any wild animals living in your area. In addition to safety and security for you and your pets, cedar fences are also quite stunning.

Aesthetic Enhancement and Property Value – Western Red Cedar Fences are a Great Investment

Western Red Cedar fences do a perfect job in enhancing curb appeal. After all, it is one of the first things that people see when they enter your property. Plus, it’s an effective way of increasing property value. Fences also add to the overall ambiance of your home in a crowded neighbourhood.

They can also create a cozy charm, depending on where and how they are placed. Moreover, other types of fencing materials like metal and vinyl are used. They don’t have the same features as red cedar though.

Wood Paneling vs other Materials Like Metal and Vinyl

We cannot deny the fact that wood panelling and fencing are still unmatched when compared to other building materials. Aesthetics, durability, cost-effectiveness and longevity are unmatched when compared to other types of fencing like: PVC Vinyl Fencing, Aluminum Fencing, Wrought Iron Fencing and others.

Western Red Cedar is still the number one choice among many homeowners. Fence panels at Surrey Cedar also come in many different sizes.

Small and Large Fence Panels are Available through Our Lumberyard

All of our fence panels at Surrey Cedar are made from 100% Western Red Cedar and by experienced craftsmen. We also boast one of the largest selections of cedar panels with the best value in BC. Whether it’s a premium fence to compliment a new home investment or an affordable fence for an older rental house, Surrey Cedar is sure to carry a fence panel that meets your needs. If you can’t find the panel you want, we also offer custom fence panels.

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