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Want to create a cozy outdoor retreat where you can unwind after a hard day’s work? Make this your next home improvement project. You may have your hands full as it is, but you can easily squeeze in and take on this task if you pick the right material to work with.

Known for its exceptional beauty and durability, Western Red Cedar is a solid choice for all your outdoor projects. This reddish-brown softwood is also highly versatile, so you can use it in various ways. Whether you’re building a deck for your garden, installing siding or wall panelling, or revamping your patio or terrace, cedar is guaranteed to add a touch of elegance to any space, may it be traditional or modern in design. We also offer cedar siding.

Western Red Cedar is also famed for its high impermeability and ability to withstand natural elements including heat, cold and moisture. In fact, its cellular composition makes it a natural thermal insulator. And its natural oil preservatives make it resistant to decay and rotting. No wonder it’s the top choice among homeowners working on outdoor renovations.

In addition, unlike synthetic materials that leave a significant amount of carbon footprint, Western Red Cedar is harvested from sustainably managed forests. So it’s the more eco-friendly option. Lumber from red cedar also feels soft and smooth, while synthetic building materials tend to have a scratchy surface texture.

At Surrey Cedar, we have all sorts of Western Red Cedar lumber for different types of outdoor projects. Our company started out in the cedar roofing market, but we quickly positioned ourselves as the premier source for Western Red Cedar lumber. Between our in-house remanufactured products and our outsourced supplier relationships, we are capable of supplying all your required cedar products.

Over the years, we have developed a large customer base and along with it an array of cedar products, including fence boards, rails, decking, posts and timber in the following grades:

  • Clear
  • #2 & Better Appearance
  • Rustic

Besides our remanufacturing capabilities, we operate an extensive plainer operation that allows us to produce high-quality S1S2E fencing boards, finished Tongue and Groove boards, S4S Decking and Rougher Headed Timbers in all sizes. Having established a reputation for high-quality products and reliable services, we design and manufacture with the end customer’s needs in mind.

We can supply for any cedar project that you may be planning. Contact us for more information on our cedar lumber.



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