Why Choose Us - Reputable, Value, Service & Quality Red Cedar

Why Choose Surrey Cedar – Reputable, Great Value and Service, Premium Quality Red Cedar Building Materials

There are many reasons to choose Surrey Cedar as your cedar supplier of choice. First and foremost, with a history going back to 1979, we built a strong reputation as a trusted manufacturer and partner. Simply put, we provide the best value and selection of red cedar wood at affordable prices. Our supply is premium quality and we believe in delivering amazing service to our customers. When you place an order from us you can be sure that you are getting a high-end product, at the best price – factory direct.

Trusted, Established and Experienced Cedar Manufacturer

We’ve been around a long time and our customers keep coming back! We’ve been serving our customers for nearly 40 years and will be here for the next 40. Why? Because our reputation is our most powerful asset, and we don’t take it for granted. We’re truly thankful for our loyal client base, which is why we value your feedback. We want to hear from you and continually improve. After all, we want you to be proud you bought your cedar from Surrey Cedar. It’s this approach that has made word-of-mouth our strongest advertiser since our humble beginnings in 1979.

Best Value and Selection – Buy Affordable Red Cedar

At Surrey Cedar, we do not believe that a premium product is expected to have a premium price. In-house production facilities combined with strong supplier relations results in lower production costs and lower prices for our customers. “Best Value” is our tried-and-true business model: the best quality at the best possible price.

When you come to Surrey Cedar, you are buying mill direct – from the source. As such, you will find variety and selection not found at any other wholesaler or retailer. Our goal is to be the sole source FOR ALL YOUR CEDAR NEEDS. We can also do custom production runs for large orders. Anything cedar we can produce and ship to you.

Premium Quality Supplier and Exceptional Service – It’s Easy to Choose Surrey Cedar

Surrey Cedar’s quality is unmatched. We always start with top grade western red cedar. By producing most of our products in-house, we can ensure tight quality control. This results in products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We will not compromise on quality. What we call “Premium #1 Grade” is the best in the industry. We set the standard.

In fact, Our “#2 Grade” is actually the standard for what most of our competitors call “Premium #1″. Come into one of our 2 lumberyards to see the difference.

100% customer satisfaction is not our goal – it’s our lowest standard. We aim to exceed your expectations every time.

Contact Us for More Information About Our Products - Choose Surrey Cedar and Delight in the Service and Quality We Bring

We are a red cedar manufacturer with decades of experience. Many Canadians trust us as their supplier for their building materials. We also service other countries, given the demand for the high quality lumber we provide. Contact us for more information. Choose Surrey Cedar today – 1-888-534-9936.