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Below are a few examples of our custom handcrafted outdoor furniture

Investing in quality furniture is always a smart move. These are pieces you use day in and day out. These are pieces that set the tone for your home. These are pieces that keep you company for years. These are pieces you can pass on to your children one day and that their own families will come to cherish as much as you treasured them.

But not all furniture is made to last. And in most cases, it comes down to the choice of material and construction. If you opt for a material that is resistant to rotting and decay as well as elements such as moisture, heat and cold, you won’t have to worry about durability and longevity. Your best option then would be cedar.

Unlike plastic or metal outdoor furniture, cedar furniture stays cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months regardless of the temperature. Cedar also has a unique aroma that comes from naturally occurring thujaplicins in its heartwood. Not only is it fragrant, but the scent also protects the wood from fungi and other pathogens (making it resistant to rot).

Plus, cedar is exceptionally smooth, which means you’re not likely to get splinters when using cedar furniture. This makes it an ideal choice for chairs, benches and tables. The best part: Cedar pieces will last for decades with minimal maintenance, giving you years of warmth and beauty to look forward to.

It’s hand-made. So not only is it well-built, but if it’s not in stock we can produce it and have it ready within the same week you place your order.

Each style or piece of furniture we make has smooth, rounded edges to ensure the utmost comfort. And for top-notch quality, we use only the highest grade of western red cedar.

  • Cape Cod Chair – A durable and comfortable cedar chair where you can lay back, put your feet up and relax after a long day. It is available in stained finishes.
  • Cape Cod Hassock – A cedar footstool that can also be used as a low seat. It offers a quick and easy seating solution and can be moved around as needed.
  • Cape Cod Continental – A versatile piece of furniture that can fit whatever your home’s design is—modern, rustic, classic or any other style.
  • Cape Cod Swing (no stand) – Swing in style with our comfortable two-seater cedar swing. You can hang this in your porch, deck or courtyard for your family to enjoy.
  • Patio Chairs or Bench – Our cedar chairs and benches are perfect for outdoor use, providing cool and comfortable seating. These have a smooth (splinter-free) surface and can come in a stained finish.
  • Patio Storage Bench – This bench provides not only ample seating but also lots of storage space. The storage space is seamlessly built into the design and is ideal for stowing garden tools and other supplies. Stained finishes are available.
  • Octagon Dining Table – This cedar dining table features an exquisitely crafted, octagon-shaped top. It is visually appealing and can also be used as part of a conversation set for your patio.
  • 6′ Park Picnic Table – A charming picnic table with two bench seats. The benches are wide and comfortable, allowing your family to enjoy a nice little picnic or barbecue in your own backyard. The table can come in a stained finish.

If you need something made out of cedar, we can make it for you! We embrace and enjoy the challenge of building new things. Show us a picture and we will do our best to match it! Please contact us with your request.


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You can contact Surrey Cedar for more information about cedar furniture. We are also happy to help answer any questions that you may have about us, our cedar wood products or if you need an estimate for your project. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you with all of your cedar wood needs. For your convenience, we offer many ways to get in touch with us. You can send us an email or fill out our contact form. You can also give us a call at 1.888.534.9936. If you are nearby you can also visit our office and see us in person.