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Surrey Cedar Associations – Real Cedar, BC Wood

Surrey Cedar is Proud to a Part of these Associations

Surrey Cedar Associations – We are proud to be a part of Real Cedar and BC Wood. Both of these organizations are dedicated to upholding industry standards with quality cedar, how it is sourced and its sustainability. As a member of these organizations, we are given special privileges. As a result, we are able to cut costs and provide you, the wholesaler with quality red cedar at an affordable, competitive price. Both of these organizations maintain 4-5 star reviews and as such, are very reputable.

Surrey Cedar Associations: Real Cedar and BC Wood – Why We Stand by These Organizations

Surrey Cedar associations include Real Cedar and BC Wood. Real Cedar is a lumber association that started in 1954. Real Cedar is known as “the voice of the cedar industry”. It operates various programs across North America. These programs are dedicated to cedar education, resources and innovations. BC Wood is an organization dedicated to helping consumers choose sustainable and green building materials. BC Wood has been operating for over 30 years. With roots starting at 1989, BC W0od has partnered between many manufacturers like Surrey Cedar, as well as the government of BC.  Many programs are offered through BC Wood, all of which contribute to the red Western cedar market, which is sustainable and affordable.

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Surrey Cedar associations – We are backed by two major organizations dedicated to the sustainability and affordability of Western Red Cedar. Our shoppers benefit from this because we are able to offer more versatile products, at a lower cost. When you choose Surrey Cedar for your building materials, you can rest assured that quality and beauty red Western cedar wood will stand the test of time. So, what are you waiting for? Order a lot of wood and take advantage of our low prices today. Order Now!