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Looking for a way to revamp your outdoor area? Why not build a cedar deck?

A cedar deck is an elevated flat surface or platform that supports weight the same way a floor does, but is meant for outdoor use. It is normally connected to the house, although it can also be built into the garden or backyard.

A cedar deck is an ideal place for hanging out and relaxing, dining outdoors, and socializing and entertaining guests. Because of that, many call it the “transitional link” between the house and the outdoor area. In most cases, it can be accessed through a stairway or a doorway connected to the home.

Some homeowners add a cedar deck to conceal an unattractive portion of their home’s outdoor space. Others bring in decks to increase the aesthetic value of their façade, patio or garden. A number incorporate decks to transform uneven areas into a single flat area that’s easier to traverse.

Most of the time, the decking space is enclosed with railings to ensure safety. Canopies and pergolas are also attached to provide shade. The area around the cedar deck can be filled with plants and decors for a more visually appealing setup. With the right type of decking, you can turn any plain and boring outdoor space into a stylish and sophisticated one.

Today, there’s a vast array of choices for decking materials – PVC, composites, aluminum and many more. But to most discerning homeowners, wood is undeniably the most elegant of all choices, design- and architecture-wise. And not just any wood.

Western Red Cedar, in particular, has a lovely rustic appeal that complements all kinds of spaces, even contemporary ones. With its durability, strength and resistance to rotting and decay, it makes for the perfect decking material. You can build just about any kind of deck you want with cedar. Check out our cedar decking project gallery for inspiration.

Yes, this type of wood may be a little more expensive than other decking materials. But it’s a wise investment, as the material is guaranteed to last long thanks to its ability to withstand the daily wear and tear brought about by heat, rain, and other natural elements.

Western Red Cedar lumber is structurally solid and durable but conveniently light. So if you’re taking the DIY route for your deck-building project, you won’t have a hard time handling and working with this type of wood.

Turn your plain backyard into a stunning and relaxing retreat with Western Red Cedar decking. It’s tough, timelessly beautiful, sustainable and versatile. What more can you ask for?

Frame, fascia, decking lumber (5/4×6 or 2”)


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