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Custom is the Key Word! The key thing to remember with installing cedar structures is that they are truly “custom”. They can be built however you like, so the installation images below should merely serve to inspire your own ideas!
Types of Structures


Cedar arbours are standalone structures, that tend to be smaller than pergolas. They typically have lattice on the side, and are often arched.


Often confused with an arbour, a pergola is larger and usually attached to a building (as an extension). Pergola installations serve a variety of purposes. Some of the most common are to add covering to your patio, create an outdoor area to entertain guests, give structure and covering to your garden, or to beautify a walkway.


Cedar trellises are great aesthetic structures to add visual appeal to your home, project, or architectural design. Most of the time, it is purely a standalone feature piece to add value to real estate. But some of the time, cedar trellises serve a practical use. In such a case, it is usually for growing floral vines: roses, honeysuckle, or clematis.

Why Cedar is Best

Using real western red cedar, our structural and architectural cedar installations are naturally beautiful. In many cases, a stain is applied to give a desired look and to increase longevity. Some are painted. Still others are left as is – just pure cedar goodness!

When quality is your top priority, western red cedar is the natural choice. No other wood matches its beauty and longevity! Its distinctive and beautiful aroma actually repels insects. It is also designed to handle harsh winters. As such, it is naturally rot resistant; meaning, a cedar arbour, pergola, or trellis will last longer than others.

When Price is All that Matters

However, we can accommodate you, whatever your needs. We also build with other materials, like spruce, pine, fir (SPF), or hemlock. “Custom” is key! After all, western red cedar is more expensive than most other wood (although it is worth every penny!). When price is the primary consideration, go with SPF or hemlock.

Below are just a few of the arbours, pergolas, and trellises Surrey Cedar has built for clients over the years.


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