Types of Cedarwood & Why Red Cedar is Best for Building

Types of Cedarwood and Why Red Cedar is the Best Building Material

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Types of Cedarwood and Why Red Cedar is the Best Building Material

Types of Cedarwood - Cedar Supplier
Types of Cedarwood – Cedar Supplier

There are several types of cedarwood and red cedar wood is considered to be the best in terms of building materials. There are a number of reasons as to why red cedar wood is so highly regarded and it is a combination of both its strength and its beauty.When deciding on what wood to use on your next building project, it definitely makes sense to check out some western red cedar suppliers. Surrey Cedar is a leading red cedar supplier in Canada and ships worldwide.

Types of Cedarwood – The Best for Building is Red Cedar

There many types of cedarwood that grow all over the world. The red cedar, which is also known as western red cedar, is the preferred kind for building materials. The main reasons are its lightness, its resistance to insects, water and rot, and for its unmistakable red colour and aromatic smell.

You can build many things, like a western red cedar deck, cedar shed or other structure. There are also many exterior finishes for western red cedar and so many other things you can do to enhance cedar. It remains one of the most in demand wood building materials for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Why Red Cedar is the Best Building Material – White Cedar vs. Red Cedar

There is always a debate as to whether white cedar is as good as, or even better, than western red cedar as a building material. Although there are some key differences, it is important to note that white cedar is an excellent material. White cedar is slightly stronger than red cedar, almost as resistant to rot and decay, and has a beautiful finish. It is far more expensive.

Red Cedar Sustainability Advantage Over White Cedar

However, red cedar has a number of important advantages to building materials corporations that make it even more desirable than white cedar. Firstly, it is a much larger tree and grows up to heights of 60 metres whereas white cedar will only grow 15-20 metres. This means that a building materials manufacturer can mill wider boards which means that red cedar can be used for tasks such as siding more efficiently. A further benefit is that with a wider board you will also get fewer knots.

Western red Cedar Repels Insects Naturally and Ages Better than White Cedar

In addition, western red cedar is loaded with tannins while eastern white cedar is not. This natural tannic property makes it the superior insect resistant wood of the two. Red cedar also tends to age better and longer, although white cedar itself ages very well when compared to other woods.

And lastly, there is the unique colour of red cedar that makes it such a beautiful wood to look at and use on such projects as siding, shingles and decks. When all the factors are combined, it is easy to see why red cedar is preferred over white cedar. There are virtually no real disadvantages to western red cedar.

Types of Cedarwood – Buy Direct. Western Red Cedar Suppliers: Surrey Cedar

If you are looking for western red cedar for sale, then look no further than Surrey Cedar. We are one of Canada’s most dedicated suppliers. As a building materials manufacturer, our 40 year track record speaks for itself. At our company, we continue to produce the highest quality red cedar lumber and products.

At Surrey Cedar, we are always happy to discuss your building needs and will go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied. Being informed about the types of cedarwood will help you to choose the best for your project. Western red cedar has all of the benefits and nearly none of the drawbacks when comparing the different types of cedar. Call us today to buy cedar wood from us, at the best prices. 1-888-534-9936 for a free estimate.

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