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04 Mar 2021
Cedar Decking Versus Composite Decking - Value, Maintenance & Beauty

Cedar Decking Versus Composite Decking – Value, Maintenance & Beauty

Cedar decking versus composite decking is a bit of a hot topic. Choosing the best material for your deck adds value and natural appeal to your home. The benefits of Cedar versus composite decking are well proven. Cedar is known for its rustic natural properties that guarantee quality. When it comes to composite material versus wood deck value, cedar proves it’s worth as an investment. Cedar not only stands the test of time, but it also allows versatility in both design and finishings like wood staining.

Pros of Red Cedar Over Composite Decking – Maintenance, Home Value, Customizability

There are more pros to choosing cedar over composite decking. Cedar is also very easy to maintain. When it comes to composite versus wood deck resale value, cedar wins again. Quality wood will almost always increase the value of your home. Cedar is a great overall material that remains a top choice for decking. In addition, cedar is also great for roofing. If you are debating on which roofing materials you want to use check out our article which compares cedar to asphalt and composite shingles.

Cedar is Easy to Work With, Customizable and Beautiful

Wood such as western red cedar offers versatility when it comes to application design and finishes. Many people choose to install cedar because it is easy to work with, light, and adds a unique look to outdoor spaces. The variety of grades and profiles of cedar offer a lot of choices that composite material does not. Composite tends to look the same, just about everywhere it is used. With cedar, you can create stunning unique looks. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our cedar decking gallery.

Different Sizes of Cedar Decking Boards are Readily Available – Composite is a Cheap Imitation

You can get 2×6 cedar decking, 5/4 cedar decking and deck boards 16ft. There are many other sizes as well, these are the most common. Numerous composite materials are created specifically to mimic the natural beauty of cedar but lack the natural qualities of wood. Cedar decking vs pressure-treated decking material is popular building materials people often compare. Don’t settle for a cheap imitation; invest in quality.

Cedar Decking Versus Composite Decking Prices – Don’t Be Fooled by Composite Decking Clearance Sales

A very real consideration is your budget and the investment you are adding to your home. Cedar versus composite decking costs can vary. Ultimately, cedar deck prices are often lower than composite. Cedar also has a 25+ year lifespan. A composite decking clearance sale may be tempting. If your budget is tight look for cedar decking for sale instead. If you have a large purchase order then take a look at wholesale prices from a top cedar manufacturer like Surrey Cedar.

The Value of Western Red Cedar Will Pay You Dividends for Many Years to Come

The value of a natural cedar deck isn’t just monetary but will pay you dividends for many years to come. The longevity of cedar can also be extended with weather treatments, while composite usually won’t last as long. Cedar is naturally water-resistant and doesn’t shrink or fade as quickly as composite. All decks require some maintenance dictated by your environment and other factors. Red cedar is far easier to maintain. Its natural beauty is something you and everyone else can enjoy. There are so many more benefits of cedar decking (and siding too).

Choose Responsibly-Sourced, Environmentally Sustainable Cedar Over Man-Made Materials Like Composite for Your Decking

You also can’t beat environmentally sustainable cedar. This type of wood leaves the smallest carbon imprint when responsibly sourced. It also absorbs carbon from the atmosphere after being harvested. Cedar decking is also biodegradable. It requires fewer chemicals to maintain than composite decking. Depending on your weather conditions, composite decking also retains more water, can warp and fade in the sun. It also requires very expensive treatments to get rid of mold. There are many more disadvantages of composite decking.

Where to Buy Composite or Wood Decking in Canada – Look for Good Reviews and Quality Building Materials

If you are wondering where to buy composite or wood decking there are loads of choices. The most popular places to buy decking from in Canada are Lowe’s and Home Depot. However, Surrey Cedar specializes in quality cedar lumber. We can even install your wooden deck for you. We also have good reviews about our cedar. While composite decking may be cheap, it has many drawbacks. Cedar is also often more cost-effective than quality composite. Consider cedar and buying from us instead. We have over 35 years of excellence and would love to show you our huge selection of top-shelf lumber.

Contact Us to Place an Order for Red Cedar Decking Today

With western red cedar, you get all of the benefits of natural wood. At Surrey Cedar, we are passionate about our cedar products. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to answer any questions you have. Red cedar decking versus composite decking is no debate. Choosing cedar will keep you content for many years to come. Contact us for an estimate today. You can also call us at 1-888-534-9936. if you wish to speak with someone right away.