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01 Jun 2023
Meadowridge Golf Tournament June 2023

Meadowridge Golf Tournament June 17 2023 – Supporting Community Through Education

Meadowridge Golf Tournament 2023 – Tournament & Brunch

Surrey Cedar takes immense pride in its commitment to supporting and uplifting the community it serves. We firmly believe in the power of giving back, which is why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Meadowridge School as a proud sponsor of their upcoming golf tournament, Meadowridge Golf Tournament, presented by Titan Construction. By investing in the future of our local school, we aim to make a lasting impact and contribute to the growth and development of our community.

Education Plays a Pivotal Role – Our Decision to Support

Our decision to support Meadowridge School is rooted in the belief that education plays a pivotal role in shaping young minds and fostering a bright tomorrow. As a local business which has been established within the community for over 35 years, we understand the importance of empowering the next generation with knowledge, skills, and opportunities.

The golf tournament serves as an ideal platform for us to give back. Not only does it bring together individuals who share our passion for education and community support, but it also provides a fun and engaging way to raise funds for vital educational initiatives.

Investing in Education – a Key and Inspirational Partnership

Through this partnership, Surrey Cedar seeks to create a positive ripple effect, inspiring others to join us in contributing to the betterment of our community. By investing in education, we aim to build a strong foundation for future leaders, innovators, and changemakers.

26 Jan 2023
Giving Hearts Gala 2023 Presented by Allure Supporting Langley Memorial Hospital

Giving Hearts Gala 2023 Supporting Langley Memorial Hospital

Giving Hearts Gala 2023 – Supporting Langley Memorial Hospital on Feb 11

Giving Hearts Gala 2023 Presented by Allure Supporting Langley Memorial Hospital
Giving Hearts Gala, Presented by Allure Ventures – Surrey Cedar is honoured and delighted to be a proud supporter of the Giving Hearts Gala each year. We believe in the importance of giving back to the community, and supporting this gala allows us to contribute to a cause that positively impacts the hospital and its patients. With each passing year, the Giving Hearts Gala continues to make a significant difference by raising funds dedicated to different areas of Langley Memorial Hospital in need of attention.

This year, we were particularly excited to see the focus on the renovation of the hospital’s spiritual space, recognizing the value of providing a tranquil and supportive environment for patients and their families during challenging times. To date, the Giving Hearts community has raised $905,000 in support of health care at Langley Memorial Hospital since the gala’s beginnings in 2019.

Heartfelt and meaningful devotion to the community

As a company deeply committed to community welfare, Surrey Cedar is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with this charity and be part of such meaningful work. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the attendees, sponsors, and organizers who contribute to the success of the event!

Surrey Cedar eagerly anticipates the next Giving Hearts Gala

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the next Giving Hearts Gala and the positive impact it will bring to our local hospital and community. We invite you all to join us next year as we come together once again to make a difference and support this worthy cause. Together, we can continue to create a better, more compassionate healthcare environment for all. See you there!

30 Aug 2022
Township of Langley Mayor - 4th Annual Mayor’s Charitable Gala 2022

Township of Langley – 4th Annual Mayor’s Charitable Gala 2022

Township of Langley Mayor – 4th Annual Mayor’s Charitable Gala 2022

Township of Langley MayorSurrey Cedar is overjoyed to attend and sponsor this one-of-a-kind event. The 4th Annual Mayor’s Charitable Gala has a Shine a Light theme this year. Funds are raised for the Township of Langley Firefighters Charitable Society TLFCS, Foundry Langley and the Innovation Fund.


Raising Funds for the Township of Langley Firefighters Charitable Society

The Township of Langley Firefighters Charitable Society (TLFCS) helps to provide snacks to hungry school children. The TLFCS currently provides snacks to children in 25 schools. With events like the 4th Annual Mayor’s Charitable Gala, the TLFCS is one step closer to achieving this goal and helping more children. The TLTCS is striving to help 36 schools.


Surrey Cedar – Proud Event Sponsor – Our Community Involvement

Surrey Cedar is a proud sponsor of this event. It’s important to give back to the community. We are a top cedar wood manufacturer in Canada. We have been operating for over 35 years of excellence and have very solid cedar reviews. Read more about Surrey Cedar.


Foundry Langley Fundraiser – Remaining Event Proceeds Go to the Innovation Fund

Foundry Langley will also receive some funds from this event. Doors of this new centre will open in the Spring of 2022. This youth centre will provide health and social services for youth ages 12-24 and their families. In addition, a portion of this event’s proceeds will go towards an Innovation Fund for new community programs.


Attend the 4th Annual Mayor’s Charitable Gala 2022 and Stop by Surrey Cedar’s Table

Township of Langley Mayor  – Attend the 4th Annual Mayor’s Charitable Gala 2022 and be part of this great cause. Stop by our table; we are friendly and would love to meet you and answer any questions about our western red cedar products. We have fence panels, cedar lumber, sheds, roofing, custom enclosures and offer cedar staining. We also provide cedar installation services for select products. Check out our gallery of cedar projects and see how cedar is beautifully showcased. You can contact us today to place an order for a free quote.

28 Jan 2021
Global Buyer's Mission BC Wood Trade Show 2021

Global Buyers Mission BC Wood Trade Show 2021

Global Buyers Mission is on again. Come see us at this one of a kind trade show. At Global Buyers Mission, you can interact with BC wood manufacturers and distributors. This is a perfect trade show for overseas buyers who are looking to purchase wood products of all types. This event attracts local businesses and buyers as well as overseas buyers. Usually, we come together in beautiful Whistler, BC. Our virtual location will be great too. This year it is a virtual event so it is easy for everyone to attend. Further, 2021 will be our fifth year in attendance so stop by our virtual booth.

BC Wood – Connecting Wood Manufacturers and Strengthening Wood Culture

Proudly put on by BC Wood, who is an industry leader and innovator. Their main goal is to strengthen BC’s wood culture and to support wood manufacturers in BC. They frequently host events to showcase all of the things you can do with wood for construction and in various design products. BC Wood will be providing translators for international attendees.

Attend the Global Buyers Mission Trade Show – Register and Visit Our Booth All Week Long

There are a number of high profile politicians and industry leaders who support the show. You can be sure to meet some new friends and build strong connections with wood manufacturers. There is always something new to see and learn every year. This event goes on all week long from January 25 – January 29. You can learn more about this BC Wood trade show. Here are a few opening videos:

We’re a Trusted Wood Manufacturer With Decades of Experience and Diligent Customer Service

Surrey Cedar is a trusted wood manufacturer. We have been operating for over 35 years and have glowing reviews. Our western red cedar products include fence panels, cedar lumber, sheds, roofing, custom enclosures and cedar staining. We also offer the following services: cedar deck installation, cedar shed installation and cedar structure installation. Our cedar fences are installed by one of our trusted providers – some of them used to work at Surrey Cedar too. Stop by Global Buyers Mission and talk to us from our virtual booth. Learn more about us or contact us today for a quote.

23 Jan 2021
Stained Cedar Character Wood Art Projects - Things to Make With Old Wood Featuring Artist Rachel Rotenburg

Cedar Wood Art Projects – Things to Make With Old Wood Featuring Artist Rachel Rotenberg

Cedar wood art – There are a lot of things that you can do with cedar. In particular, the list of things to make with old wood is endless. Affectionately known as character wood, you can transform it into beautiful works of art. Let us inspire your imagination to make something that’s fun and interesting to look at.

What Kind of Wood is Good for Art Pieces? – There is Nothing Like Red Cedar

When it comes to scrap wood the options are endless for an art piece. Rest assured, the learning curve is small if you are unsure of how to use waste wood pieces. The most important thing is to create a smooth surface and keep the wood clean. The rest is up to you. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t need to be an artist. Art is really an expression and can be interpreted in many ways. You don’t need to use expensive wood either. scrap pressure treated wood projects eliminate the worry of messing up the wood. You can create an art piece in a matter of minutes or make something more elaborate. The choice is yours.

What Can You Make With Western Red Cedar? – Things to Make With Old Scrap Wood

Scrap MDF, shiplap and pine are popular choices but nothing is quite as beautiful as western red cedar. Use it for carving, sculpting, building a structure or making a 3D picture. There are of course many other options given the versatility of cedar. This type of wood also smells really good. Try designing something that lets the natural oils in cedar shine through. You can also stain cedar to give it a unique look. Fun fact: western red cedar is also sustainable so you can feel good about using it 🙂 Ready for some inspiration?

Rachel Rotenberg Featured Artist Uses Character Wood Bought from Surrey Cedar

When it comes to wood art, Artist Rachel Rotenberg of Israel is no stranger. She has created some stunning pieces using low-grade 4×4 cedarwood, bought directly from us. The main art installation she made with our red cedar is called Interior Spaces. It stands about 2 metres high. It is installed at the McLean Center for the Arts. Check out our cedarwood staining project gallery to see some more sculptures that Rachel made with our lumber. Let Rachel’s work give you ideas for your next creation. If you are just starting out try making something on a smaller scale first. 2×2 wood projects may be easier to work with.

Contact Us Today to Order Cedar Wood for Artwork or Building Project Today

Like what you see? We hope so. Get started on your cedar wood art masterpiece today. You can also use red cedar as a building material. It is amazing for tongue and groove projects. If you aren’t into art but love the look of cedar structures they may be what your yard has been missing. Get in touch with us to place an order today. Large mixed orders for overseas buyers and distributors are available as well.