Cedar Wood Art Projects with Artist Rachel Rotenberg Using Old Wood

Cedar Wood Art Projects – Things to Make With Old Wood Featuring Artist Rachel Rotenberg

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Stained Cedar Character Wood Art Projects - Things to Make With Old Wood Featuring Artist Rachel Rotenburg

Cedar Wood Art Projects – Things to Make With Old Wood Featuring Artist Rachel Rotenberg

Cedar wood art – There are a lot of things that you can do with cedar. In particular, the list of things to make with old wood is endless. Affectionately known as character wood, you can transform it into beautiful works of art. Let us inspire your imagination to make something that’s fun and interesting to look at.

What Kind of Wood is Good for Art Pieces? – There is Nothing Like Red Cedar

When it comes to scrap wood the options are endless for an art piece. Rest assured, the learning curve is small if you are unsure of how to use waste wood pieces. The most important thing is to create a smooth surface and keep the wood clean. The rest is up to you. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t need to be an artist. Art is really an expression and can be interpreted in many ways. You don’t need to use expensive wood either. scrap pressure treated wood projects eliminate the worry of messing up the wood. You can create an art piece in a matter of minutes or make something more elaborate. The choice is yours.

What Can You Make With Western Red Cedar? – Things to Make With Old Scrap Wood

Scrap MDF, shiplap and pine are popular choices but nothing is quite as beautiful as western red cedar. Use it for carving, sculpting, building a structure or making a 3D picture. There are of course many other options given the versatility of cedar. This type of wood also smells really good. Try designing something that lets the natural oils in cedar shine through. You can also stain cedar to give it a unique look. Fun fact: western red cedar is also sustainable so you can feel good about using it 🙂 Ready for some inspiration?

Rachel Rotenberg Featured Artist Uses Character Wood Bought from Surrey Cedar

When it comes to wood art, Artist Rachel Rotenberg of Israel is no stranger. She has created some stunning pieces using low-grade 4×4 cedarwood, bought directly from us. The main art installation she made with our red cedar is called Interior Spaces. It stands about 2 metres high. It is installed at the McLean Center for the Arts. Check out our cedarwood staining project gallery to see some more sculptures that Rachel made with our lumber. Let Rachel’s work give you ideas for your next creation. If you are just starting out try making something on a smaller scale first. 2×2 wood projects may be easier to work with.

Contact Us Today to Order Cedar Wood for Artwork or Building Project Today

Like what you see? We hope so. Get started on your cedar wood art masterpiece today. You can also use red cedar as a building material. It is amazing for tongue and groove projects. If you aren’t into art but love the look of cedar structures they may be what your yard has been missing. Get in touch with us to place an order today. Large mixed orders for overseas buyers and distributors are available as well.

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