20 Jan 2019

Cedar Panelling – Red Cedar Wood Panels

Cedar panelling or cedar panels are a great way to enhance the look of any structure. Any time natural wood is used instead of modern building materials, it gives a fresh, vibrant feel to the overall look of a space. Panelling makes for a seamless and timeless look. It is relatively easy to use, especially when the […]

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06 Jan 2019

Benefits of Cedar Siding and Decking

There are many benefits of cedar siding and decking. Cedar is a natural wood product widely available in Canada. Its beautiful grain is comes in many shades patterns. It can also be stained to enhance its natural beauty. Cedar is also very strong, durable and acts as a non toxic pest repellent. Benefits of Cedar […]

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22 Dec 2018

Benefits of Cedar Wood Shake, Siding, Shingles, and Panels

There are many benefits of cedar wood shake, siding, shingles and panels. Some benefits include that cedar is cost effective, durable, beautiful, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Red cedar resists rotting naturally. Cedar is very customizable. The most popular customizations are staining, varnishing, carving or wood burning. What Applications Can You Use with Cedar Wood Shake and […]

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28 Jun 2016

It’s Summer! Perfect time for a custom cedar installation

What a beautiful summer we’re having! This lovely weather provides the perfect conditions to install your dream cedar project. Whatever custom cedar installation you have in mind, Surrey Cedar has the experience and expertise to get ‘er done. To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few of our recent custom cedar installation projects… […]

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