Benefits of Cedar Wood – Environmentally Sustainable, Natural Pest Repellent, Durable and Beautiful

Benefits of Cedar Wood

Benefits of Cedar Wood – Environmentally Sustainable, Natural Pest Repellent, Durable and Beautiful

There are many benefits of cedar wood. Cedar is widely used in North America as an outdoor finish or construction material for a large variety of applications. Cedar is a strong and lightweight.

Its durability and relative low cost make it an excellent choice for many different projects, both indoor and outdoor. There are also many other benefits of wood from cedar trees including:

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The Benefits of Wood from Cedar Trees

Harvested Locally, Low Cost, Sustainable

Cedar wood is harvested locally and requires minimal processing before it is ready for use. There are different types of cedar and we specialize in the manufacturing of red cedar.

What makes red cedar so unique is its beautiful grainy texture, ability to repel pests and fungus, it acts as insulation, absorbs noise, delightful aromatics and durability (will not warp or change size with moisture). When compared to synthetic materials, cedar is a more eco-friendly choice.

Our Cedar Products and Installation Services

Panels to Furniture to Decks, Fences and Trellises

Given the versatility, strength, health benefits, durability and aesthetic appeal of red cedar, we use it in all of our projects. We offer the following cedar products and installation services:

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